At Loominata, your privacy is important to us. The following privacy policy statement outlines what kinds of data we gather, what we do with the data you provide, and how we ensure that your rights to privacy are upheld and protected. In the event of any updates to our privacy policy, we will let you know through the site, and if you're a registered user, we will let you know through email.




  • When you sign up for a Loominata account, we ask for the following information:

    • Your full name

    • Your preferred Loominata username 

    • Your age

    • Your email address

    • Your telephone/mobile phone number

    • Your delivery address (which in many cases, is your home address)

    • For registered artist accounts: your business and/or billing address

  • We collect your personal information through your responses on our account registration page. We only accept this data once you give your full consent to us at the end of the registration page. 

  • While you're browsing on the site, we may also take a look at the following anonymous site analytics data:

    • Your clicks on the website

    • How you scroll through our products

    • What items you search for

    • What items you order

    • How much time you spend on choosing products, 

  • We collect site analytics data through’s site analytics tools. For their privacy policies, please refer to this link.



  • We collect personal details such as names and addresses solely in order to facilitate transactions with our registered artists. For registered artists, we collect your personal details in order to check the legitimacy of your practice and businesses, ensure the safety of customers, and keep track of bills for our services. We do not sell, nor use your personal data for non-essential reasons.

  • We collect site analytics data in order to give you the best experience on the website. By monitoring activities such as site browsing times, we can make changes to the website, aimed at improving your experience with it. We do not sell this information to third parties.




  • For all types of data that we collect, we ensure that we are compliant with relevant laws on privacy, such as R.A. 10173 Data Privacy Act of 2012.

  • For site analytics, your data is anonymized, and is only measured as a broad, statistical range.

  • Koosina makes use of standard, high security network technology from Wix that encrypts your data and ensures that unauthorized parties cannot get to them. These technologies are best explained through this link.

  • Only specific Koosina Web Development Services/Loominata division employees have full access to your information. These employees are limited only to the most essential ones who need to use your information in order to perform their duties to you. Such employees include finance and billing personnel who manage your account, and technical personnel who manage the website. 

  • Registered artists on the website are only given temporary access to your contact and address details. Their access to such details are only valid for the duration of your transaction. Registered artists are strictly prohibited from storing your personal information.

  • In the event of a data breach, we will act quickly and, within 48 hours, coordinate with authorities in order to mitigate potential damages.




-End of Privacy Policy-